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About Yinka


Yinka Fabusuyi Bsc Ost. BWY Dip is an Osteopath and Yoga teacher practising in South West London, with over 20 years of experience. Yinka has a passion for promoting health and vitality for all, through increasing awareness of posture, exercise, and good healthy eating; encouraging everyone to apply these principles in a practical day to day manner. In 2008, Yinka established Holmewood Osteopathic Practice, which offers patient centred, evidence based treatment and management for back pain, sciatica, hip and knee pain, tendonitis of the shoulder, rib pain, neck pain and stiffness, and poor posture associated with work ergonomics. Prior to establishing her own practice, Yinka was based at Stockwell Group Practice, a large NHS general practice in South London. This enabled Yinka to work within a multidisciplinary team comprising fellow osteopaths, GPs, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, counsellors, shiatsu therapists, and nurses. In 2001 Yinka completed her British Wheel of Yoga Diploma and teaches yoga one day a week. In October 2014 Yinka started working with West Norwood Therapies, a collaborative venture with massage therapists, A Pilates teacher and acupuncturist. Yinka is also a clinic tutor and lecturer at The British School of Osteopathy.

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Yinka Fabusuyi BSc Ost. BWY Dip. Registered Osteopath and BWY Yoga Teacher

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