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Davinah L: Yinka was recommended to me via a friend. I was in excrutiating pain from a groin pain which A&E & my GP was unable to give a diagnosis on (or in fact any help with apart from shoving pain killers down me). Yinka, explained in laymans language what the problem possibly could be and ways to help myself. She in the meantime treated me so that I was able to go on holiday the next day with a more optimistic outlook. She is extremely professional and highly experienced. Yinka makes you feel very comfortable and answers any questions you have. I would definitely recommend her. She is an absolute star!

Tamar Y: Yinka is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend her for anyone looking for osteopathic services in South London.

Denise S: I've known Yinka for more than 5 years, she's the only one I trust with my back and she's a lovely person. She is very experienced and professional. I would not go anywhere else and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

Polly Waterworth: The treatment I recently received at the HOP was extremely professional and helpful. I went in with chronic neck pain and came out feeling relief. As Yinka explained, the pain then went away completely over next few days. The whole experience was great, Yinka's confidence and bedside manner made me feel at ease the whole time I was being treated. The service was also extremely good value for money so I'd highly recommend a visit whether you're in dire straits like I was or if you are in need of regular treatment.

Tanya Bezzo: I highly recommend Yinka who is a true professional in her field and always very welcoming and friendly. After a consultation I always feel re-energized, re-aligned and tension free!

Sam: I have stuggled with ongoing neck and back pain since was a teenager, I see Yinka about once a month and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference. Not only has it made a big improvement on my symptoms day to day but the experience of going to HOP leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Highly reccomend it. Really good value for money too #feelbetteralready

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Yinka Fabusuyi BSc Ost. BWY Dip. Registered Osteopath and BWY Yoga Teacher

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